Dr. Anyi Wang, C.M.D., Dr. Ac., (Physician in China)

  • Over 35 years practicing and experience as a C.M.D. and Dr. Ac. both in China and Canada;
  • Majoring in integrated Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for complex diseases;
  • Member of CMAAC and PTCMAAS;
  • SGI claim acceptable.


Hours Monday 9:30am – 1:30pm * Wednesday 9:30am – 1:30pm * Friday 2:00 pm-6:00pm 

Traditional Chinese medicine offers a wealth of benefits. The specialized areas this alternative healthcare provides includes the following:

  • Anxiety/Depression/Stress
  • Migraine and Tension Headache
  • Arthritis/Sciatica/Acute and Chronic Back/Neck Pain
  • Menopausal Syndrome/Gynecological Disorders/PMS
  • Miscarriage/Infertility/Improves the Pregnancy Outcome of IVF/ICSI
  • Sinusitis/Asthma/Allergies/Bronchitis
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Stroke/Palsy
  • Constipation/Diarrhea/Gastritis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Anemia
  • Supplementary Treatment for Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy
  • Skin Disorder
  • Facial Rejuvenation/Hair Loss
  • Stop Smoking/Weight Control
  • Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Health Maintenance

And more…

Acupuncture is a complex system of examination, diagnosis and treatment. It is a preventive medicine; it creates and maintains health and is often used as an analgesic first-aid technique that brings relief from pain.Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon the principle that any symptom is the result of an imbalance in the body's organic, energetic and natural activity. Acupuncture works by opening up the flow of vital energy, also known as "Chi", thereby restoring health to the body. When "Chi" is flowing properly throughout our meridian pathways, all of our processes in a rhythmic and harmonious way.

Dr. Anyi .Wang